Quick Link: Sean's GeoTrax Layout Program
(See below for instructions and downloadable version)


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Track Layout Ideas
Max's GeoTrax photos:
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Max's Tallest GeoTower Yet    hdr GeoTrax2    19 Foot Tall Geotower...   hdr GeoTrax5



My friend Sean Hawkes created an excellent software program to design GeoTrack layouts...

You can download it here!   It is still in development, but this is a great preview version.

It's easy to use and has some great features:

You can rotate parts individually or or grouped together by using the scroll wheel on your mouse...

The program appears in full 3D and works well even with elevation parts!

Track segments automatically attach to nearby track segments

You can double click track segments to disconnect them from attached parts... (Keep the mouse button pressed down on the 2nd click to drag the part away)

You can save a track layout.  (Note that you will have to rotate it after it is reloaded from being saved before it will show up correctly)

You can drag unnecessary parts to the trash can...

If you download the program and run it from your own computer, you can even customize the inventory of track parts to reflect how many you own.

Link: Sean's GeoTrax layout program
Extract the two files in geo.zip to the same folder (such as your desktop) and open the Geo file with an internet browser.  
You can edit the inventory.txt file to match your own Geotrax inventory.

Keep in mind it is still being developed, but it works quite well now!

Tip: if a part gets disconnected after dragging, double click and hold to free it from attached parts then drag it back to reattach properly.
Tip: The program starts to slow down if you have too many disconnected parts on screen.  Try to maintain a single connected track for best results...

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