GeoTricks - Geo-Flip!


Absolutely amazing... My friend Sean stumbled upon a way to make a 2 story train drop in which the train ends up back on the track... It must be seen to be believed! 

The Video (best):  Here  (You may have to right click and select "Save As" or the equivalent)

Building Instructions: Here

Screen captures (good): (Scroll down)

Other Unrelated GeoTrax layout ideas: Here  (opens in new window)







Assembly Instructions:

First, a couple notes.... This setup worked (succcessful landing) for us about 75% of the time... on fairly compressed carpet.   We tried it on rubber tiles (see photo below) with approximately 35% success...   Your mileage may vary!    See below for visual instructions... SPECIAL THANKS to Phillip Blancher's graphic design work (used for the top track layout below) which can be found here: