Google Search Central

Google Best. Search Engine. Ever.
Google Toolbar This is the most useful toolbar out there.  Very customizable search window for your browser *and* it blocks popups.
Google Search Features Explains all the features available in normal Google search window.  This is a Must Read!
Google Help Central Google FAQ's...

Main Google Areas

Google News Searches 4,500+ newspapers and allows browsing of breaking stories.
Google News Alerts Alerts you via email of news stories as they appear (or daily)
Google Images Searches millions of images by keyword.
Froogle Searches thousands of sites for low prices by keyword.
Google Groups Searches 10+ years of message board discussions (Usenet).
Google Directory Allows searching or browsing "directory style" for relevant links.
Google Labs Lists "beta" Google projects... 
Google Translate Tool Allows text or webpage translation.
Google Catalogs Sometimes outdated Google tool for searching catalogs.
Google Wireless Google for handheld PC's/PDA's.  (WAP / i-mode / J-Sky)
Currently In Google Labs
Search By Location Allows Google search to be narrowed down by location.
Google Compute Allows research projects to use your computer's resources.
Google Viewer Scrolling Google search results.
Google Webquotes Unimpressive search with added comments from other sites.
Google Glossary Google definitions from various sites. (see Google Search Features for easy dictionary lookups!)
Google Sets Very interesting search that tries to find words similar to suggested words.
Keyboard Shortcuts Great search that allows easy keyboard navigation.
Voice Search Beta of voice Google interface.

Google Specialty Searches

Government Search Obvious.
University Search Obvious.
Microsoft Search Obvious.
Mac Search Obvious.
BSD Search Obvious.
Linux Search Obvious.

Bonus Google Links

H4x0r Search Google Search Hacker Style...
Google-a Seerch Google Search Swedish Chef Style
Google Jobs Why *you* should work at Google
Google Adwords Google targeted advertising
Google Live Query Google search for links about this nifty tool at Google headquarters.
GoogleGuy Weblog Insider's information on Google.