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Brian's Camera:


Beau's Camera:


Hi Everyone ... Just couldn't wait to share:


Two Maw Maw's waiting for Jacob to be born


Dr. Dad (Beau) going into Delivery to Watch

Introducing: Mr. Jacob Owen Blanchard

Tiny Footprints on our hearts


Our Little Sweetie Pie ... This is how Jacob looked after they took the respirator off. Later in the day they put him in an oxygen tent for several hours. This morning (Wednesday) they took him out of the oxygen tent and had a big hose hooked to his nose for a few hours. Just before Beau and Angelic left to come home, they took the hose off and put him on minimum oxygen just like in the picture above. We're hoping that he will be off this by Friday ( If all goes well).  Angelic did get to hold him before she left. I know she was excited with that.

Update later on

Love and Thanks for all your prayers. We are so GRATEFUL TO GOD that Jacob is as healthy as he is.